Closed Economies, Autarchy – Failure and Economic Disaster

Autarchy is an economic system in which the state refuses any commercial connection with the outside, solely relying on its own resources. In an autarchic economy, the state does not participate in the international economic life, is not part of any regional and/or global economic organization and does not export or import goods. The characteristics of a closed, autarchic economy are: 1). the state does not take into account the progress of the world economy, 2). the state lacks involvement in the international economy, 3). economic independence is pursued by drastically reducing or canceling imports and exports, 4). the state solely relies on its own resources. This economic system can lead to: a). a pronounced economic decline, due to the impossibility of the state to provide the necessary goods and services for the population’s livelihood, b). a decrease in national incomes, considerable decrease in GDP, c). an increase in the state’s access to domestic natural resources, which in turn leads to an increased chance of their depletion, d). social instability.

Lansarea revistelor ”Cunoașterea Științifică”, ”Intelligence Info” și ”IT & C” în cadrul Salonului de carte POLEMOS

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Comunicat de presă În peisajul media actual, există o zonă insuficient acoperită de publicații: cea a revistelor a căror abordare se situează între jurnalele științifice foarte stricte și contra cost, și magazinele de informații și știri. Este domeniul publicațiilor care își păstrează rigurozitatea științifică dar permite accesul gratuit autorilor mai puțin cunoscuți, a studenților, masteranzilor și doctoranzilor, dar și a profesioniștilor recunoscuți în domeniu. Publicații care oferă gratuit cititorilor săi informații de strictă actualitate din toate domeniile, pornind de la … Citeşte mai mult

A Scientifically Acceptable Mechanism for the Reincarnation Process of the Self

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We propose a novel paradigmatic approach to sentient reality as a whole, with specific application to Information-guided DNA dynamics, leading to a triadic genomic configuration , which accommodates besides the parental hereditar legacy, a transcendental originating highly complex guiding matrix able to control the specific way the protein-synthesis is performed. The Self’s own „Soul Genome”, transcending the zero point energy interdimensional barrier, couples to the zygote’s quantum-governed energetic configuration by way of resonant bands of subtle energy superposition effects at the instance of fertilization, triggered by a Zinc-spark related biophotonic bridge. Thus, unique secondary torsion parameters in the DNA strands determine the way the basic protein-generating template is read, supplying the new entity’s psycho-cognitive particularities along purposeful developmental vectors.

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