The Psycho-Neural Connectivity

In this paper we follow the pathway sentient informational reality couples to our well-known mass/matter/energy world, in a well-integrated inter-dimensional process. Pure information in its pre-energetic aspect couples to subquantum (SQ) units and combinatorials of increasing complexity, able to transgress the ZPE (Zero-point energy) barrier between nonlocal information fields and local quantum processes, being stored and vehiculated by pre-quantum subtle energy variants. The link between these ontologically different domains is provided by the Compton-radius vortex configurations operating at the level of sub-quarks across all the periodic table of elements. Life as inherent condition of manifestation results as the conscious aspect of matter. The fundamental coupling mechanism between non-local and material regimes is supported both by compelling evidence supplied in bio-energetic physics and by recent mathematical proves.

Interactions between the brain, the biofields, and the physical

Before addressing the physical object of highest complexity in nature, the Brain, and its consciousness-related functional correlates, let’s remember some basic assumptions regarding biosystems as a whole. We expect to recognize such intricate cortico-informational integration mechanisms, as being the pinnacle of the representations we have been investigating. Obeying the holographic distribution principle which we have followed all along our analytic path, we have to keep in mind that in order to get an incremental improvement in the accuracy of our Brain-related understandings, its overall efficiency regulation must be associated with the biofield. This association is of an uttermost subtlety and complexity, since the biofield actively interacts with neurocybernetic processes, via Quantum and Subquantum connectivity.

Subquantum Principles of Life and Consciousness

Our present contribution to the consciousness-related dialogue currently running in the „Waking Times” periodical has been triggered by Brandon West’s thrilling, recently published paper (Jan. 9, 2015), „The Nature of Mind and the Holographic Brain”. We strongly support his conclusions. We extend these foundational understandings into a vastly more comprehensive and novel approach, regarding the inner workings of what is actually Sentient Reality. The subquantum approach to Consciousness has been developed by the authors of this paper through a decade of research-team efforts, experiments and observations. The resulting subquantum-based peer-reviewed works are all rooted in empirical, reproducibly observable, actual facts (rather than unsupported assumptions, beliefs, or speculative fantasies, or imaginings, or theories).

New Genesis?

Review: Prof (Dr.) A. K. Mukhopadhyay, The Source & The Genesis (in the Language of Science) – The Being? Becoming, and Creations. Prof. Muckhopadhyay’s comprehensive new exposure introduces in the academic circulation a revolutionary attempt to replace the mainstream dogma of the world’s creation, based on the increasingly (both theoretically and experimentally) disproved “Big Bang” assumption – by a less counter-intuitive and more accurate tenable concept.

Karmic Law – A Synoptic Approach

In order to bring such a thoroughly studied topic as the Karma certainly is into the light of our current most advanced scientific achievements, both a deep understanding of its traditional wisdom (in the above-mentioned meaning) perpetuated through initiate dissemination channels, as well as a glimpse into recent theoretical interpretations of the sentient reality we as human species are part of, are required. We are but at the beginning of widening our conceptual horizons, hitherto narrowed by centuries of dogmatic materialist worldviews, toward a vastly more comprehensive and accurate one, which recognizes Informatic dynamics as the pro-active control and guiding instance for the matter/energy world of manifestation we were misleadingly centered upon all the time, purportedly able to grant individual and collective happiness based on material accumulation and storage strategies. Our mission is to re-establish into the scientific analytical methodology the emphasis into its correct position, by pointing to currently accepted „physical laws” as correlative expressions in the world of manifestation of their still poorly understood Informational equivalents, which govern and determinate these expressions at first place. The only analytic tool we have for understanding Reality as it is and not as it is misleadingly depicted by dogmatically constrained concepts, is our consciousness – the least understood Item in all this infinite holographic interplay between the observer and the object of his observation. Let’s try widening our observation of Reality, by addressing both the observation and its target as equivalent components in this overwhelmingly complex process of man’s integration into the whole.

A Scientifically Acceptable Mechanism for the Reincarnation Process of the Self

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We propose a novel paradigmatic approach to sentient reality as a whole, with specific application to Information-guided DNA dynamics, leading to a triadic genomic configuration , which accommodates besides the parental hereditar legacy, a transcendental originating highly complex guiding matrix able to control the specific way the protein-synthesis is performed. The Self’s own „Soul Genome”, transcending the zero point energy interdimensional barrier, couples to the zygote’s quantum-governed energetic configuration by way of resonant bands of subtle energy superposition effects at the instance of fertilization, triggered by a Zinc-spark related biophotonic bridge. Thus, unique secondary torsion parameters in the DNA strands determine the way the basic protein-generating template is read, supplying the new entity’s psycho-cognitive particularities along purposeful developmental vectors.

Inside, and Beyond „Nothingness”

O scurtă introducere în domeniul subcuantic, în care putem găsi originea tuturor evenimentelor și proceselor observabile în lumea noastră habituală. Coborând pe scala oferită de divizibilitatea cuantei în structuri din ce în ce mai fine cu sarcini electrice fracționale, până la valorile infinitezimale la nivelul cărora Informația e cuplată la spațiu și timp, în fața ochilor noștri se conturează o realitate nouă, încă puțin explorată, care însă e suportată de legi ale fizicii moderne. Începem să înțelegem proprietățile vidului fizical populat de entități ale căror comportament agregativ colectiv și coherent stă la baza tuturor manifestărilor descrise de mecanica cuantică. Se postulează aplicarea acestor înțelegeri la mecanismele sinergetice ce leagă creierul uman de procesele ce decurg în spațiul informativ prin tiparele morfogenetice ce-i produc structura special adaptată prelucrării câmpurilor informative cu care este interconectat de-a lungul vieții biologice a individului. Vehicularea Informației are loc prin intermediul fluxurilor sub-cuantice la viteze superluminale, neexcluse teoretic dincolo de domeniul de aplicabilitate a teoriei relativității. Controlul tuturor acestor procese are loc la nivelul ordinilor super-implicate descrise de Bohm.

Cuvânt introductiv pentru (și despre) „Cunoașterea Științifică”

Salutăm cu multă bucurie toți cititorii noii reviste Cunoașterea Științifică, redactată de Dl. Sfetcu, autor a numeroase lucrări publicate în acest domeniu controversial, încă, al ontologiei și epistemologiei științifice!

În calitate de membru a bordului științific al jurnalului, îmi voi permite (cu amabila accepțiune a Dlui Sfetcu și a Dumneavoastră, dragi cititori) să extind în câteva articole pe care le voi supune publicării în viitor, concepția general acceptată în literatura științifică de tip materialist, către orizonturi noi ce răsar în ultima vreme, ca rezultat al acceptării din ce în ce mai largi a unei orientări de tip post-materialist în rândurile multor savanți proeminenți contemporani. Cunoașterea științifică e o funcție a psihicului uman, a conștiinței de sine. Pentru a defini acest termen în mod inechivoc, va trebui în primul rând să abordăm analitic conștiința umană ca atare, un subiect mult controversat, și pe drept.

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