Revista Cunoașterea Științifică, Volumul 3, Numărul 1, Martie 2024
Apărarea împotriva atacurilor cibernetice avansate

Sfetcu, Nicolae (2024), Apărarea împotriva atacurilor cibernetice avansate, Cunoașterea Științifică, 3:1, 3-16, DOI: 10.58679/CS80583,   Defense Against Advanced Cyber Attacks Abstract In today’s digitally interconnected world, the threat of cyber attacks has become a critical concern for individuals, businesses and governments alike. Cyber attacks pose a significant risk to data privacy, financial stability, national security and even personal safety. As the sophistication and frequency of cyber threats continue to increase, it is imperative that we deploy robust defenses to … Citeşte mai mult

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