The Adventures of Pinocchio – Education

Carlo Collodi, a positive representative of the Italian petty bourgeoisie of the late nineteenth century, presented in the novel the moral virtues of a secularized rural Italy. He inserts moralistic exhortations and reflections in the novel, to give up the waste of time to dedicate to study, hard work and savings. Pinocchio’s negative experiences and the good advice of the Fairy guide him in the end on the right path, after he understood the importance of study and work, thus fulfilling his desire to be transformed into a child.

Models of Emotional Intelligence in Research and Education

The emotional intelligence models have helped to develop different tools for construct assessment. Each theoretical paradigm conceptualizes emotional intelligence from one of two perspectives: ability or mixed model. Ability models consider emotional intelligence as a pure form of mental ability and therefore as pure intelligence. Mixed models of emotional intelligence combine mental capacity with personality traits. The trait models of emotional intelligence refer to the individual perceptions of their own emotional abilities. Cognitive learning involves placing new information into existing frameworks and modes of understanding.

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