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Subquantum Principles of Life and Consciousness

Klein, Adrian și Boyd, Robert Neil (2022), Subquantum Principles of Life and Consciousness, Cunoașterea Științifică, 2:1, 198-217Klein, Adrian și Boyd, Robert Neil (2022), Subquantum Principles of Life and Consciousness, Cunoașterea Științifică, 2:1, 198-217, https://www.cunoasterea.ro/subquantum-principles-of-life-and-consciousness/



Our present contribution to the consciousness-related dialogue currently running in the „Waking Times” periodical has been triggered by Brandon West’s thrilling, recently published paper (Jan. 9, 2015), „The Nature of Mind and the Holographic Brain”.

We strongly support his conclusions. We extend these foundational understandings into a vastly more comprehensive and novel approach, regarding the inner workings of what is actually Sentient Reality. The subquantum approach to Consciousness has been developed by the authors of this paper through a decade of research-team efforts, experiments and observations. The resulting subquantum-based peer-reviewed works are all rooted in empirical, reproducibly observable, actual facts (rather than unsupported assumptions, beliefs, or speculative fantasies, or imaginings, or theories).

Keywords: subquantum principles, life, consciousness


Principiile subcuantice ale vieții și conștiinței


Contribuția noastră actuală la dialogul legat de conștiință care se desfășoară în prezent în periodicul „Waking Times” a fost declanșată de captivantul articol publicat recent de Brandon West (9 ianuarie 2015), „The Nature of Mind and the Holographic Brain”.

Îi susținem ferm concluziile. Extindem aceste înțelegeri fundamentale într-o abordare mult mai cuprinzătoare și mai nouă, în ceea ce privește funcționarea interioară a ceea ce este de fapt realitatea senzitivă. Abordarea subcuantică a conștiinței a fost dezvoltată de autorii acestei lucrări printr-un deceniu de eforturi, experimente și observații în echipă de cercetare. Lucrările rezultate, bazate pe evaluarea colegială, bazate pe subcuantică, sunt toate înrădăcinate în fapte reale empirice, reproductibile, observabile (mai degrabă decât presupuneri, credințe sau fantezii speculative, imaginații sau teorii nesusținute).

Cuvinte cheie: principii subcuantice, viață, conștiință


CUNOAȘTEREA ȘTIINȚIFICĂ, Volumul 2, Numărul 1, Martie 2023, pp. 198-217
ISSN 2821 – 8086, ISSN – L 2821 – 8086
URL: https://www.cunoasterea.ro/subquantum-principles-of-life-and-consciousness/
© 2022 Adrian Klein și Robert Neil Boyd. Responsabilitatea conținutului, interpretărilor și opiniilor exprimate revine exclusiv autorilor.


Subquantum Principles of Life and Consciousness

Dr. Adrian Klein Ph.D., Dr. Robert Neil Boyd Ph.D.



Every living being is an engine geared to the wheel-work of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surroundings, the sphere of external influences extends to infinite distance.

Nikola Tesla (New York American, February 7, 1915)

When metabolic requirements for quantum coherence in brain microtubules are lost (e.g., death, near-death), quantum information pertaining to that individual may persist and remain entangled in Planck scale geometry.

Stuart Hameroff (http://www.quantumconsciousness.org/content/being-skunk-atheist convention)


Our present contribution to the consciousness-related dialogue currently running in the „Waking Times” periodical has been triggered by Brandon West’s thrilling, recently published paper (Jan. 9, 2015), „The Nature of Mind and the Holographic Brain”.

We strongly support his conclusions. We extend these foundational understandings into a vastly more comprehensive and novel approach, regarding the inner workings of what is actually Sentient Reality. The subquantum approach to Consciousness has been developed by the authors of this paper through a decade of research-team efforts, experiments and observations. The resulting subquantum-based peer-reviewed works are all rooted in empirical, reproducibly observable, actual facts (rather than unsupported assumptions, beliefs, or speculative fantasies, or imaginings, or theories). [See: https://worlds-within-worlds.org/publications-and-research.php – for example].

Starting from the novel understandings published in a previous paper, the authors of this paper decided long ago to engage on a long and tortuous path, exploring the emergence of “normal reality” from the subquantum (SQ). We are also studying the various SQ control mechanisms which are related to the brain’s Quantum activity. In our conceptual framework, a brain is described as a highly evolved resonant transduction system, able to process Information-guided subquantum flux patterns of various complexities, which eventually become our sensory, emotional, and intuitive experiences.

This perspective implies considering Experiential Information as a foundational constituent of Reality, where experiential information is actually conveyed internal to all infinitesimal units. From this point of view, we are able to generate an infinite number of variations and combinations, of many types of information, according to propagation originated SQ flux information interchanges, which partially result from the infinite range of velocities with which information-bearing fluxes can propagate with.

In addition, as infinitesimals slow down below infinite velocity, they start experiencing time. (Time does not exist, for an infinite velocity entity.) Then at various superluminal velocities, they occasionally can combine with other infinitesimals. When this happens, the experiential information contained in each infinitesimal is combined with the information inherent in all the other infinitesimals in the given subquantum entity, which live in the given scale of smallness.

The primary types of information conveyed by subquantum entities are emotions, and „mental pictures”, but many other varieties of information are also remembered by them, such as magnetic field intensities, electric field intensities, gravitational influences (if any), and so on. The memory capacity of the individual infinitesimal is quite vast, an extraordinary fact we are still having trouble coming to grips with. [See Poponin and Gariaev’s DNA Phantom Effect, at http://worldwithinworlds.yolasite.com/dnaphantom1.php. Also reference the astounding quantity and variety of information which is conveyed by all the varieties of Vector Potentials (Bohm & Hiley, 1993). Also see Bruce DePalma’s (1991) „memory of space” experiments, for more on this. For example, his paper titled Magnetism as a Distortion of a Pre-Existent Primordial Energy Field and the Possibility of Extraction of Electrical Energy Directly from Space, Bruce DePalma; proceedings of the 26th annual Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC), Boston, Massachusetts, August 4-9, 1991].

These behaviors, and the information conveyed by the infinitesimals, naturally exhibit informational and emotional resonances. The total velocity range that subquantum structures operate in, extends from zero to infinity. For practical purposes the velocity regimes can be divided into zero velocity, subluminal, luminal, superluminal, and infinite velocity domains, as related to psycho-physical correlates which result in, what we consider to be „normal reality”.

Information interchanges take place at all scales of size, and at all velocities, and are involved with every kind of material and field. (Except when entities are at zero velocity. Then, they cannot transmit.) Due to the fact that almost everything stores and/or carries information, the fact of the matter is that everything has, and conveys, the qualities of uniqueness and personality. So, stars and rocks and clouds have personality and personality energy. All forces and all fields, including light, convey eidetic information regarding all possible varieties of experience, especially personality and emotional-state information, and mental pictures. Everything is unique, without exception, in the Natural World.

This leads us to a new understanding of velocity-encoded and time-encoded Information transportation systems, which are acting throughout the infinite volume of the Universe, conveying information at up to an infinite velocity. Non-local information transports are the mechanism which directly results in the Quantum Field, the quantum potential, quantum „entanglement”, quantum correlations, and quantum coherence and decoherence. In addition, local and non-local informational interactions with matter at the scale of the Planck length, and larger, are the determining factors in unitary quantum evolution U (the Schrodinger equations), and the origination of so-called „quantum state reductions” R (also known as „quantum jumps” [quantum avalanches]).

Subquantum information transports and correlations, result in an endless hierarchy of super implicated orders of complexity – Bohm (Cheng, 1993) and interacting Informational structures, which are evolving in the several velocity regimes which are less than an infinite velocity, as mentioned above. Information flows which are arising from the overarching Cosmic Harmony (both as a local, and a non-local Information Source) arise at all velocities. This can be followed, as extending from the lowest-velocity states, which are typically corresponding to ponderable physical matter, up to the infinite velocity Information-controlled Quantum Potential. Source Originated information flows also exist at all scales.

Information-creating influences start at the highest implicate (potential possibilities) layers of Reality. Infinite velocity infinitesimals carry information, non-locally. Infinite velocity information transport is the starting point of all non-local quantum behaviors, such as the quantum information field. When the velocity of an entity is infinite, there is no time for that entity. Information is carried in this timeless condition, along a nonlinear path of velocity decreases, which decreases are due to interactions with other entities. These interaction events result in deterministic outputs which influence the various levels of manifestation.

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:

  • All the attributes and effects of Consciousness. This is what we are studying now.

An important understanding is that every item in the list above is involved with Consciousness, in some regard. Remembering that the infinitesimals are the smallest unit of Consciousness, and that infinitesimals make up all matter and all forces, it is easy to see that everything has Consciousness of some kind. (It’s just not the same as our Consciousness. Or is it?) Also, the permutations and combinations of the items in the above list, form a vast array of new studies and new technologies, all of which are related to Consciousness.

  • The relationship of Consciousness (Self), to everything else.

We need to know factually, not theoretically, what is the actual relationship between Mind (Self/Being/Consciousness) and the physical. We need to understand the functioning of all the interfaces between Self, and all levels of experienceable Reality.

In essence, the brain interfaces directly into the SQ Information/Being realms, which is where the Self actually resides, when it is not connected with the so-called Physical Universe. No manner of Being (Self) actually needs a brain to have direct experiences, but the given individual Being uses a specific physical vehicle for interfacing the Self with the given Physical Universe, so as to have specific types of experiences and so as to accomplish various types of activities. The vehicle of Consciousness can be biological, non-biological, or even non-physical – e.g., a SQ coherent cloud of semi-material, or temporarily material attributions, such as Angels or „Orbs” (Haselhoff, 2001).

The Consciousness Itself is inherently in another realm and has selected to interface with this particular type of Reality, through one or another type of various possible vehicles. But everything is all connected to everything else, at the level of Pure Awareness, while selected experiences are had through an inherent ability of the Consciousness, the ability known as Attention. What the Attention is on, determines what will be experienced.

SQ information inputs to the brain from Self, and inputs from the Ambient Intelligence, are part of an Active, and Aware, Living Universe. These inputs then cause changes in the quantum functions which are found internal to the brain cells. These quantum behaviors arise in the form of the activities of single „isolated” electrons captured inside „quantum shells” which are internal to „micro-tubes”, physical structures which are internal to cells. (Hameroff & Penrose, 2014). The observed quantum functional changes, in turn, result in electrical activities as seen in the nervous system. These activities then feed back into the Self, in a process known as cognition”. In other words, our experiences of Being Alive and getting sensory and intuitive information from our surroundings, are cognitions. There is a bi-directional experiential feed-back loop between the Self and the brain, to put this in direct terms.

Is the Brain structured according to some hyperdimensional blueprint, able to produce a consciousness different from its own physical nature by some still totally elusive way? Or is it, by its hypothesized hyperdimensional nature, a unique resonant system, able to tune into an external (non-physical) field made of complex Information, such as the Quantum potential?

Is the Brain an Information generator, or is it rather the receiver of information, transducing, and then processing, sensory and intuitive experiences? Is its existence at all a prerequisite for high-level Subjective Information processing?

B. West (2015), in a perfect alignment with a quickly increasing academic trend, eloquently pleads in his paper against that brains originate Consciousness, recruiting relevant neurological data to support his conclusions. Overwhelming additional, empirically tested, experimental and experientially based, compelling evidence has appeared in recent times, which supports his tenets. These important results arise from the entire spectrum of modern scientific developments, pointing us towards a non-materialistic worldview.

The non-reductionist perspective is quickly replacing old mechanistic reductionist dogmas and fixated unquestioned assumptions. However, some basic ingredients seem to be still missing from most of these new non-reductionist concepts. Our hope is to provide public access to various missing understandings, thus offering a completely new horizon, so as to alleviate existing global academic struggles which aim to find a self-consistent, unified and comprehensive expression of Information’s physicality and the fundamental behaviors of Information which are directly influencing the foundations of Physics, as illustrated in the list above.

Information patterns cluster in various Qualia (sensory items) defined structures, fall in the range of the Being’s ability to process information. Among biological entities with brains, this happens by way of genetic activations of the Quantum connectivity of brain, which are resulting from environmental observables – Gariaev (Jadczyk & Boyd, 1998-2006). In some situations information is circumventing conscious anchorage functions by direct resonance modalities operating between the Self and higher-implicated orders (Bohm) of SQ-mediated Informational stuff (Evans, 2015).

This second variety of information input (transcendent and intuitive SQ information) is a range transcending one, which works in perfect coordination with lower (Quantum mediated) processes, which are normal to the brain’s Quantum efficiency. As a result of combined clusters of additive Information contents, new stable SQ Information structures are formed, operating in different regimes of SQ flow speeds, and showing diverse resonant aggregation tendencies, according to the complexity levels of the information. This process occurs along the lines of the interactive principles we explained earlier.

Moreover, it seems reasonable to assume that total Information capacity of SQ information combinations reflects the sum of the components, though not in a linear way (applying no metric), but in a manner that is exponentially magnified, and selected, along non-linear vectors of non-quantifiable experiential increments.

This kind of communication channel might be described in such instances, as an information bearing aetheric string that connects the hunting group’s individuals, to the star’s current celestial position. (The distance to the given star, in terms of „light years” has no relevance, but the actual location of the star at the time of the experience is relevant.) The group of hunters is „tuned in” to the star by way of a direction-specific aetheric string which is carrying eidetic information. Thus the hunters are able both to transmit and receive eidetic information and states of being, as transmitted and received by the star, by receptively integrating the information thus provided by the star (upon accomplishing Unification with that star through unwavering Attention), into their own personal cognitive domains.

This kind of communication happens when one Consciousness becomes Unified with another Consciousness, through the faculty of unremitting Attention (no thinking). The Consciousness faculty of Attention results in progressive emotional and informational resonance with the object of the attention. Ultimately, Unification of the Observer and the Observed occurs, to the degree that such Unification can be comfortably tolerated, by the individual. So, in the example given, the hunters Unified with the Consciousness of the selected star, which acted as a communications terminal for the hunters, on their way to find deer to feed their families with.

Endless similar instances have been described for cases where birds, trees, mountains, other objects, or even thin air, mediate meaningful Information, which is stored internal to the SQ structure which interpenetrates all things, sometimes with accompanying energetic cues, such as visible discontinuities or strong „feelings”, when such experiences are accepted into the experiences of the individual, without judgment or prejudice. Energy field conversions and Unifications, which act to convey Eidetic Information by progressive emotional and informational resonances due to the faculty of Attention, are amply documented in both experimental and experiential literature.

Such information storage and transmission occurs in SQ-controlled non-metric (subtle) domains, by the vehicles of the SQ particles, which are beyond the Quantum activity range and operate in higher time-resolution domains. In a higher time resolution, „Quantum Jumps” behavior is further divisible, ad infinitum, offering, from Informational perspective, an endless chain of intermediate states corresponding to different implication levels (Bohm, 2002) of subtle Information-based control.

With these understandings in mind, let’s adventure into contemplating the real nature of Self and the self-conscious Information processing modalities as seen from our SQ perspective.

Individual self-conscious patterns are formed at the „monadic” („monad”, meaning „the Oneness, individuated”) level of the upward/downward bivectorial Information processing apparatus of Nature. These individualized structures have to reach interactive expression and integration ability in the pre-physical and physical domains while preserving their own complexity degree and coherence during interaction processes. The Informational Being descends into matter/energy, by ensuring-along „a downward” pathway of lower-complexity morphic resonances and pattern-generating effects – the setup of a fully functional biological form and its energy-transducing nervous system, the Being’s biological interface with the Quantum-operated physical world.

Of course, the same track applies to Informational blueprints of any complexity, be them reactive, conscious or self-conscious ones, resulting in nature’s various „kingdoms” in biological, non-biological, and “pre-physical” domains. Everything, including rocks and clouds is sentient, and „alive”, an understanding which disagrees with prevalent crude biological criteria. This view is easy to reach when one admits the definition of an infinitesimal as the smallest unit of Consciousness. Then, since everything is made from agglomerations of infinitesimals and their activities, Sentience is involved in all things and all activities, at all scales, down to the infinitely small and up to the infinitely large.

Everything is a dynamic Information interface, exhibiting the bidirectional flow of content running along interacting proxy velocity vectors and extending in upward and downward interference patterns inside given windows of coaxial homogeneity blueprints. These patterns at their turn participate in an endless sequence of increasing complexity combinatorials up to (or down to!) the undifferentiated proto-information field of infinite expression potential.

Our main challenge is to find out, in an experimentally provable range: Where are the human consciousness and its brain located on the overall map? An acceptable understanding of this question implies as prerequisite, an accurate epistemological mapping of the subtle energy biofields of SQ essence, which ensure the seamless integration and interactions between them and various environmental factors.

Our approach to living systems is vastly transcending vitalist doctrines, which are limited to postulating a vital principle, as distinct from biochemical reactions.

According to White & Krippner (1977) references to various bio-energy field control mechanisms, can be found in 97 different cultures. In common perspective, biofields have been defined as an endogenous coherent EM (electromagnetic) field, which is related to living organisms, as emergent from classical cellular fields, comprising some new features, or alternatively, as an SU2 symmetry-related complementary phenomenon related to classical EM fields. In various attempts at definition, biofields are expected to restore the long-range connection modalities which we observe between molecular and supra-molecular processes (of the kind we see in cytoplasmic functions).

Classical interpretations of biofields, as exclusive features of living systems have been repeatedly questioned by supporters, regarding its origin in symmetrical physical demands which may be applied to the whole of Nature. This view is ascribing to living systems a more highly complex reaction behavior regarding such requirements, than non-living matter is able to provide.

This approach is consistent with Froehlich endogenous coherent oscillations, invoked for the explicitly nonlinear sensitivity of living systems, to weakly ionized and non-ionized EM fields (Fröhlich, 1986).

Nevertheless, the biofield’s observed coherence, and its partial inability to be localized, suggest its enfolded position, as lying between energetic and Informational processes, a taxonomical requirement which is fully satisfied by our SQ model for sentient reality. The biofield’s non-local essence was first confirmed by instantly-transferred cortical photo-stimulation experiments, performed during 1994 (Grinberg et al., 1994).

According to Thaheld (1975), known EEG correlational patterns fall short from explaining the nonlocal bio-correlational distributions of neural ionic currents and the strength and densities of electric fields, operating in brain. These observations are consistent with a new approach – introduced by Driesh – (Fels et al., 2015) where subtle bio-regulatory processes are seen as being the result of „mind-like” organizational effectors, rather than physical energy fields [of the kind invoked by R. O. Becker & G. Selden (1998) in their experimental results related to electrically de-differentiated cells].

How are the biofields coupled into both energetic and Informational fields?

In order to answer this question, a particular category of SES („subtle energies”) is constructively invoked (Klein & Boyd, 2008). We remind our readers about Zero Point Fluctuations in Vacuum. ZPF and quantum jitter provide direct physical evidence of the existence of the SQ. These are providing an infinite energetic background for the physical world, by a supposedly ceaseless production of physical particles from the ZPE, which are subsequently dissolving onto the background by a process of hyperdimensional interplays, which are occurring between different enfolded orders (Bohm, 2002).

This down-conversion of multidimensional Se fields, aimed at coupling into 3D force fields, requires a novel energy/Information transduction technology – see Clarus’ sympathetic resonance technology (Williams et al., 1992).

Sympathetic resonators are capable of SQ interactions with the electromagnetic spectrum, ordering its fundamental magnetic vector properties, and affecting, through the Quantum field, interactions and physical processes which are occurring in the subatomic range. From this perspective, the bio-energetic human chakra system, is conveniently placed at the crossroads of energetic and Informational SQ interplays, where the dynamics of perception, attention, and intention, are controlling our biological reality. Such processes occur by way of aether flux combinatorials, known in the Vedantic teachings as “Prana”, corresponding to the Chinese notion of  „Qi”.

Early experimental protocols related to the physical aspects of the biofield, were performed by B. Payne, (1981) pointing to a biofield strength which was observed to be on the order of over 100 million times greater than the magnitude of the body’s magnetic field. Biofield deflections have also been correlated to synchronous geomagnetic index fluctuations, pointing to physically originated bio-energetic components.

At the same time, non-physical correlations of biofield intensity values, are consistently related to various emotional states, in experimental subjects. Such analytic parameters seem to attest to an increasing complexity of responses in bio-systems, to environmental geomagnetic influences, of the kind reported in R. I. Jones’ uniform daily rotation experiments in plants (Jones, 2010).

Similar interconnectedness with magnetic fields has been found in L. Badgley’s (1984) spiral vortex fields, which are observed to exist around injury sites on the body. We have discovered such helicoidal patterns exist all the way down to the 10^-58m Kolmogorov scale, and beyond, to the level of SQ infinitesimals. Vortex behaviors seem to be a basis, and are evidently a primary and fundamental organizational pattern, in our Universe.

In Payne’s concept, torque forces interact with EM, gravity and nuclear forces, modulating their respective effects, especially around biosystems. This observation, which is highly relevant for biofields, strongly supports the notion that of an increased Information field involvement, of the kind our SQ model suggests, regarding high-level functions which are evolving in the brain.

We think that similar control mechanisms are at work in the various lower-level bio-regulatory networks as well, such as splicing, methylation, glucositation and protein synthesis on ribosomes, as well as being involved in all other biological integration processes.

As C. Venter (2001) remarked in https://www.nytimes.com/2001/02/10/health/genome-map-shows-unclear-patterns.html, we are facing a different, non-chemical level of organization, one which is reminiscent of morphic causational principles, which have been proposed as early as 1944 by A. Gurvich. Gurvich (1944) ontologically differentiated between a physical embryo and its organizing pre-patterning morphic fields, which call forth genetic responses.

From there, S. Savva’s (1997) concepts of the mind components of biofields (1997), serve as behavior controlling aspects in all fundamental biological programs. From there, further on to our SQ driven Information control mechanisms, the way was widely open. As Savva pointed out, biofield control operates through four independent control subsystems, which are the nervous system, chemical interactions, coherent biophotonic EM (Wijk, 2012) and Subtle Energy channels (Basically SE means, „Not reducible to any well-known fundamental physical interactions„).

This special feature has been experimentally proven by Bockris (2005) in 1997 in low temperature nuclear transmutations of lead into Gold, in concentrations up to 300 ppm. These transmutations are only occurring in the presence of a „psi operator”, a person who is capable of intentionally speeding up, and slowing down, by an act of will, the nuclear decay rate of americium (Yan et al., 2002). Such experimental results are strongly consistent with the PEAR laboratory publications of the Princeton University regarding predetermined deviation values, far from randomness, in RNG experiments (Dobyns et al., 2004).

As a consequence of the special interdimensional status of biofields, they cannot be significantly blocked by any physical screening. Their effects disobey all space constraints, of the kind that the known isotropic physical fields display.

As suggested by A. Denisov (1975), the bio-informational fields are composed in anisotropic, and net-like patterns, which are not attenuating with the square of the distance. These fields are acting along the exact lines of any pre-established emotional or intentional bondings. At lower levels of unfolding information controls, human-originated bio-information determinants have been proved to influence bacterial growth parameters (Rauscher & Rubik, 1983). Such observations open wide perspectives on the cytophysiological and cytogenetic control horizons (see our former references to the work of P. Gariaev’s team (Gariaev et al., 2006).

More comprehensive data may be found in H. S. Burr’s well-known concepts related to L-Fields (life organization units) (Burr, 1972), as well as the works of his collaborators. L. Ravitz’ (1962) works are pointing at a direct relationship between the L-Field and a person’s mental, physical, and emotional conditions. Ravitz reportedly has even been able to show that the L-Field, as a whole, disappears before physical death. Such observations have been correlated with anecdotal extrasensory monitoring of sudden disappearances of the normally observed auric fields, around those individuals who are facing an impending, and sudden, but unexpected death. (This topic is beyond the scope of our current presentation).

Quantum bio-holographic data are increasingly invoked in advanced modelings of sentient reality. In the light of modern investigations, DNA is seen as a self-calibrating antenna, which is able, by phase conjugate adaptive resonance, to process quantum holographic information stored in SQ diffraction patterns. In the brain’s overall biofield, narrow spectral frequency related interdimensional windows (e.g., 38-40 Hz) allow sharp frequency adaptive couplings of organized enfolded Information matrix fields, which live in projective space, coupling into environmentally-originated, neurally supported, Quantum configurations.

At a different level of enfolded information, similar pre-geometrically organized information patterns, related to embryogenetic determinants, are able to set up stress gradients in the vacuum, These behaviors occur according to embryogenetic holography principles, thus guiding the implementation of the ontogenetic pathways, in accordance with the brain’s anticipated task performances. From this novel perspective, brain structures and connectivities, organize under highly complex biofield determinants, as a Quantum sufficient energy-processing tool capable of shifting its own integration range, into higher complexities of information matrices, thus producing the Being’s expression in the material world.

The common denominator for both the brain’s quantum activity, and the Informational Being, is in their common hyperdimensional subquantum background, which is able to accommodate an asymmetrical monistic determinacy, which we propose to replace obsolete dualistic and panpsychist models.

Perhaps the most promising recent development in bioenergy-backed technology, with an unprecedented potential in advanced health care programs, is introduced by UCLA Professor Emeritus Valerie Hunt (1996). Her Aurameter (TM) is able to detect, in a predictive way, anti-coherent frequency bands in individual „Signature Field” patterns of subtle energy, making possible their transactional shift into holographically balanced health patterns, by perfectly calibrated frequency transfers.

Most interestingly, Prof. Hunt strongly emphasizes that the emotional constellations which are surrounding stagnant memory fields, are originating in past „lifehoods” (a term she uses in a metempsychotic context). Such emotional constellations have persisting blockage effects on current-life subtle energy dynamics, which are directly related to health. Such anti-coherent frequency trends seem to be stored in the fundamental SQ domains, composed of Information internal to the overall biofield structure, where the brain’s bio-energetic components are embedded.

These findings strongly support reportedly successful hypnotic regression therapies, which tap into accessible memory storage systems originating from personality-related events from the remote past. Recalling of such memories is possible as a result of resonant alignments between various SQ conformal information maps, which are presented as superimposed information symmetry configurations in the brain.

As described elsewhere, at the monadic spectrum of subquantum interferences, a relatively stable subquantum condensate forms by ether flux convergence running in higher (transpersonal) fields. This is an individualized proto-conscious crystallization of mixed Informational content, acting as further downward inductor of lower-complexity aggregative states in sequentially higher density aether fields.

During this process, the conscious monadic essence is enabled to extend into and interact with progressively lower reality domains. A seamless chain of morphogenic (shape-creating) effects are induced in adjacent domains along this „downward induction” pathway, which run under the coordination parameters which are originating in the monadic effector, responsible for its initiation.

Emotional and cognitive functions related to this progressive immersion of the Being into low velocity subquantum regimes are unfolding, at their respective levels of manifestation, according to the dynamic permeability of the respective media, down to the domains where the physical laws become effective.

Progressively, obeying these laws and constructively using them by downward Informational control, an appropriate interface between the Self and its physical environment is implemented by activating corresponding bio-morphogenic fields in subtle energy domains (aetheric body) then normal matter, able to organize – and further on to perform stability maintenance requirements of the thus formed interfacing system.

This process allows for an optimal efficiency in the interaction between the Being and its rough chemical-physical vibration and Quantum-mechanical media, which it transiently inhabits.

One by one, subtle high-energy fields pertaining to morphogenic processes instantiate the set-up of energy centers and communication systems at the limit of physicality according to well organized blueprint presets (the Chakras and their nadic connectivity web) – preparing this way the supportive physical mechanism for the ultimate anchorage tool of the Being into matter – the brain.

Subquantum very-low velocity residual components of the morphogenic apparatus, engaged in stability preservation of the biosystem, are easily detectable as cloud-like etheric formations interpenetrating physical macrostructures. The reactive efficiency of these cloud-like structures, to changing conditions (health parameters at organismic, systemic, histological, cell and cell components levels) has been amply described in the relevant literature, as polychromatic auric events. Morphic resonance fields are observed at work not only along downward effects (just described), but also in upward synthesis processes of spatial distribution presets activated by energy supply (palingenesis, DNA-phantom, etc.). So, a bi-directional feed-back loop is always active and available.

Without addressing here, subtleties related to the chromosomal radiations carrying and applying DNA Information signals (of both local and cosmic origination and distribution) to the „self-organizing” matter, into biosystems (which is far beyond the scope of this contribution), let’s explore very briefly the physically accomplished brain structure and its multitasking interface with the Being’s various cognitive aspects.

It’s quite obvious that at a biological level, all the observable structures (from cell constituents to organismic ensembles) serve the sole purpose of maintaining a functionally efficient brain structure, able to ensure the individual’s accurate navigation in its environment.

Anatomically and functionally, the brain is obviously the most complex object we know. At the level of its multi-layered neuro-biomolecular network systems, there are obviously at work, distribution orders which arise from far beyond internal structural codes (DNA). This is possible due to the brain’s hyper-dimensional essence, connecting it to non-physical Universal matrices (via the right temporal lobe and its associated limbic system). This also relates to the mechanism of the morphic-resonance-mediated control of post-genetic ontogenetical phase correlations.

[Nonlocal Subquantum Information matrices are thus brought in resonant alignment with neural connectivity presets according to shared dynamic configuration maps. In some poorly peer-checked references, a special task in Information storage, transport and coupling to matter has been suggested for inert Krypton configurations operating at the hypothalamic walls of the brain’s tertium ventriculum. Though this conjecture is not yet investigated enough, SQ Informational content might easily be stabilized in chemically inert gases and delivered into the biosystems (at their higher range thus controlling the thalamo-hypothalamo-hypophyso-adrenal axis of global emotion-controlled endocrine regulation)] [Extending the Rubner-Kleiber scaling computation laws, K. Togbey (2004) performed a fractal analysis of the relevant allometric exponents of the brain, reaching a 4/5 law. This implies that a 5th dimensional function is present in resonant NN connectivities. This finding relates brain’s Information-coding abilities to the Golden Mean ratio, by equating EEG metrics to number of harmonics times 2?. Wave packets, scaled in powers of the Golden Mean, exert a patterning action upon the time-lags separating neural firing events, over several orders of magnitude. Harmonic spectra below and above the brain’s fundamental 2? frequency matrix, are involved. Neural networks operate according to powers of 2?/2, efficiently using them for Fibonacci series related Information coding, involving Hausdorff dimensions which are implementing the fractal distribution patterns of SQ information structures.]

The brain’s Quantum sufficiency, amply discussed in recent research data, allows for the ceaseless bidirectional flow of various Information patterns displaying a wide range in their degrees of complexity (dependent on the underlying Sub Quantum configurations), across the aforementioned hyper dimensional interface. These flow patterns run both in neuro-cybernetic linear Time and along retro-causative non-physical signalization pathways in the domain of hidden variables, violating Bell’s theorem (Kurakin, 2005) and conforming to our infinite-velocity Sub Quantum signalization concept.

Photon emission/absorption events cease to run in random probabilistic frameworks as current mainstream views suggest, deterministically implementing instead informationally enfolded guidance of energetic (Quantum) phenomena in brain. Coaxial superpositions of contradicting time-propagation vectors imply an efficient system of retro causation effectors originating in preselected subquantum matrix fields of higher implication orders of Information consistency and following „virtual” guiding structures for their propagation pathways. Target-related conformal signal transmission blueprints reach various targets in the neural domain of Quantum activity in zero linear time, a conjecture supported by Cramer’s transactional interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (Cramer, 1986).

Thus, a perfectly coordinated deterministic control is implemented upon the unfolding action templates involved in neural activity, underpinning the overall „logical” outcome of Consciousness-related Quantum processes and the elusive feature of phenomenal continuity of Consciousness. Information subunits aggregate, in both directions of the Time vector, into an experiential „nowness”, accessible to the Conscious Being. At the same time, this process provides the global reference frames for mnestic structures, which are stored in atemporal Information fields, which are actually required for setups of specific connection meanings. Such events involve Quantum non-local effects, originating in instances of space-time-free hyperdimensional couplings, of the SQ Units to Information fields, implementing in this way a highly more efficient communication system than the one predicted by standard Quantum entanglement schemes.

From this advanced perspective, it’s quite reasonable to assume that brain operates in physical time at the Quantum level, but it also operates as an interdimensional resonator, one which is capable of coupling hidden-time SQ signal processing events, into bio-molecular energy-related Quantum states.

Time-patterning Quantum events prove to be but the statistical results of deterministic SQ processes, evolving in the hidden time frameworks, which we have associated to a projective space, whose limiting singularity is the Quantum-embedding Euclidean space.

Our extended team reached by now a quite advanced stage of developing an infinite titration and self-root related mathematical formalism able to express these kinds of interdimensional transitional geometries, involving non-integer hyper operations, which will highlight the many new connections hereby suggested, between Informational 3D spinor spaces, Grassman projective information space, the Pfaff dimensions, the Lie algebras of infinitesimals, and the Euclidean volume of brain, putting in a new light on the brain correlates of the activities of the Being, some of which have been previously addressed by the Penrose-Hameroff „Orch.OR model” of Consciousness (Hameroff & Penrose, 2014).

Being is, by its axiomatic essence, ontologically irreducible to the bio-molecular backgrounds which are required for setting up the various resonant Quantum maps involved in Consciousness. Its internal coherence results from its Informational homogeneity at the most basic analytical level, as an individualized monadic structure interconnected with the Universe as a whole and following sequentially higher order of guidance and coordination sources.

In order to reach connectivity to the physical realm of energy, it projects a fragment of its whole structure into its morphogenically set up transactional anchorage system, the brain, thus establishing the fundamental interaction patterns as briefly discussed here.

The Consciousness window of the biological Being is centered, during its brain-coupled modus operandi, on fulfilling environmental integration tasks related to time-dependent fluctuations of information-space configurations, in their own causation and retro-causation range.

Ontogenetic compensation effects remove automatic physiological functions from the active attention field into autonomic neural network activities, at the lower limit of the Consciousness Window (remaining still accessible to its control, by specially trained mental procedures addressing the supposedly „subconscious” domain).

A similar fluctuation in Information transfer permeability into and from the Conscious domain operates at its upper limit, too, allowing for „supra-conscious” data intrusions into Quantum sensitive processing spectra, implemented by intuitive and extrasensory channels.

The integral dynamic structure of the Being is engaged in a ceaseless increase of its complexity by the Information exchanges which are running in all of its effective domains, the brain coupled one included, as long as this coupling is at work. The resulting integral complexity is preserved as the Being’s overall cognitive spectrum disregarding its temporal and partial interaction with a transient physical brain.

This transpersonal connectivity potential, operates undisturbed, after disconnecting from the physical energy anchorage it temporary used for enhancing its gain of complexity (information), as strongly supported by an overwhelming experimental database piled up in modern scientific literature. This understanding is very hard to dismiss upon obsolete dogmatic backgrounds. (Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player detailpage&v=yosn GHYiR4 – for example.)


From an epistemological perspective, we defend a novel approach which shows two distinct states of human consciousness:

A) The fundamentally Sub Quantum-related, brain-Independent cognitive complex, one which evolves beyond physical space and time constraints, following an increasingly neg-entropic (organizing) vector. (Together with thermodynamic chains of increasing entropy, in various energetic ranges, this state contributes, over time, to a total entropy/neg-entropy conservation law, as fundamental to our Universe), while at the same time, energy is not conserved in open, far from equilibrium, thermodynamic systems, such as our Universe (Kiehn, 2009). Organization of the All is from the small to the large and back again.

B) The brain-coupled functional variant of the above mentioned structure, with describable parametric correlates of the kind described in the Penrose-Hameroff „Orch.OR” and similar models. In order to implement its integration potential at the level of its utmost morphogenic complexity, the brain is progressively patterned during its ontogenic (construction) phases, to produce increasing Information processing efficiency, with multitasking capabilities.

Our model is not reducible to previous dualistic or epiphenomenal concepts, as its approach to Information signalization and control apparatus is deeply rooted in modern, experience and experiment-supported, physical observations and their accompanying mathematical constructions.

We amply argue that the brain is the ideal anchorage tool of organized Information fields, ranging into ambient energetic Space-time dependent processes. In more complex biological organisms, the brain supplies the active transducing components of this integration, implementing symmetrical Information flows between the interconnected Quantum structures, which are involved in the ambient environmental coupling process. Whether or not the individual is cognizant of it, the Cosmic Harmony is always acting in, and as, Nature.

Our novel approach is rooted in an overwhelmingly wide pool of information, originating in a comprising, objective, experimental, and multidisciplinary extended database. This database includes in its explanatory range, both “normal” and „anomalous” Information-related phenomena, in a non-contradictory and coherent epistemological framework.

We are open for well-argued criticisms and constructive contributions, invited from the vast pool of academically oriented readers, regarding this preliminary disclosure of our conceptual framework (as long as not biased by „tenure” considerations).


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