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The Psycho-Neural Connectivity

Cunoasterea - Descarcă PDFKlein, Adrian (2023), The Psycho-Neural Connectivity, Cunoașterea Științifică, 2:3, 21-37, https://www.cunoasterea.ro/the-psycho-neural-connectivity/



In this paper we follow the pathway sentient informational reality couples to our well-known mass/matter/energy world, in a well-integrated inter-dimensional process. Pure information in its pre-energetic aspect couples to subquantum (SQ) units and combinatorials of increasing complexity, able to transgress the ZPE (Zero-point energy) barrier between nonlocal information fields and local quantum processes, being stored and vehiculated by pre-quantum subtle energy variants. The link between these ontologically different domains is provided by the Compton-radius vortex configurations operating at the level of sub-quarks across all the periodic table of elements. Life as inherent condition of manifestation results as the conscious aspect of matter. The fundamental coupling mechanism between non-local and material regimes is supported both by compelling evidence supplied in bio-energetic physics and by recent mathematical proves.

Keywords: subquantum, subtle-energy, chi meridians, life physics, ZPE, psi

Conectivitatea psiho-neurală


În această lucrare urmărim calea realității informaționale sensibile cuplată la binecunoscuta noastră lume de masă/materie/energie, într-un proces interdimensional bine integrat. Informația pură în aspectul său pre-energetic se cuplează cu unități subcuantice (SQ) și combinatorii de complexitate crescândă, capabile să depășească bariera ZPE (energia punctului zero) dintre câmpurile informaționale nelocale și procesele cuantice locale, fiind stocate și vehiculate de variante pre-cuantice. subtile de energie. Legătura dintre aceste domenii ontologic diferite este oferită de configurațiile de vortex cu rază Compton care funcționează la nivelul sub-cuarcilor de-a lungul întregului tabel periodic al elementelor. Viața ca o condiție inerentă a manifestării, rezultă ca aspect conștient al materiei. Mecanismul fundamental de cuplare dintre regimurile non-locale și cele materiale este susținut atât de dovezi convingătoare furnizate în fizica bioenergetică, cât și de dovezi matematice recente.

Cuvinte cheie: subcuantic, energie subtilă, meridiane chi, fizica vieții, ZPE, psi


CUNOAȘTEREA ȘTIINȚIFICĂ, Volumul 2, Numărul 3, Septembrie 2023, pp. 21-37
ISSN 2821 – 8086, ISSN – L 2821 – 8086
URL: https://www.cunoasterea.ro/the-psycho-neural-connectivity/
© 2023 Adrian Klein. Responsabilitatea conținutului, interpretărilor și opiniilor exprimate revine exclusiv autorilor.


The Psycho-Neural Connectivity

Dr. Adrian Klein[1], Ph.D.


[1] American Association for Advancement of Science


1. Introduction

The topic of the nature of consciousness and its relation to brain activity is an increasingly hot one in academic circles. Current mainstream scientific worldview requires an explanation of mind-related phenomena obeying the traditional materialistic paradigm, which tries to proof that consciousness is a by-product of the quantum activity of interconnected neural networks. As it could be expected, this exploration line failed up to this point, and it becomes obvious that an all-encompassing approach extended beyond the prevailing dogmas in science has to replace the obsolete, barking at the wrong tree.

In this paper we suggest a new exploration context for consciousness studies, tightly connected with a re-definition of life – stretching the current conceptual limits beyond the atomistic view of matter as it is preached from academic sources, beyond the electromagnetic and ionic neural transmission models of Information, and beyond failed believes that human consciousness is epiphenomenal to brain activity.

Our presentation is strongly inspired from recent advances in subquantum physics (Klein & Boyd, 2021), in subtle energy physics (Kronn & Kamp, 2022) and in Prof. Neppe’s ground-shaking mathematical support for the model we defend.

2. The subquantum information system

Our basic understanding identifies the Quantum Potential (Quantum field theory) as a super-luminal sub-quantum Information-carrying aether able to interact with matter and physical forces at well-defined space-time positions, injecting their Information content into our world of observables by modulating the event potential. Our new approach to sentient Information processing comes as an attempt to reformulate prevailing representations of reality, addressing fundamentally irresolvable topics within classical scientific criteria, trying to reach out into the wide array of seemingly anomalous phenomena which are brought into normal range of validation in the framework of our new ontological system. The subquantum plenum is a motional, active, aether-like media having characteristics of an exceedingly fine gas composed of infinitesimals with superfluidic properties, which infinitesimals (subquantum units and combinatorials) have inherent abilities to both store, and transport information. These structures embedded in Bayer’s fundamental pre-energetic prime radiation spectra are able to propagate displaying an omnidirectional complex vector inside an infinity frequency range, organized in multi-layered telescopic structure of sequential orders of subtleness. Energy and matter in the subquantum regime yield the huge random space-time curvatures at the Planck scale (quantum foam), which, under the effect of SQ-mediated and stored sentient functions are able to modulate along purposeful selective resonance blueprints of metastable information structures, carried at superluminal velocity toward replicable Quantum fields of increasing complexity.

Obviously, new research programs succeeded to pierce the Planck limit, and designs for microscopes capable of imaging entities smaller than the Planck length have been validate, and such instruments (long ago ensembled by Dr. R. N. Boyd, Ph.D. and destroyed in Serbia under governmental pressures) are by now (according to unspecified source of information) in experimental stage in the Arizona University.

The physical vacuum is a Space-Time sequence contending both aggregative and non-aggregative, nascent Information sources, where such Information is stored and carried by super-luminal aether fluxes leading to n-degree entanglement states at the level of matter/energy domain. Information-driven, fractionally charged SQ aether fluxes, displaying group behavior features, obey harmonic tendencies clustering into composite stationary fields of marked stability, while aggregation of fractional charges result in integer charge values corresponding to our accustomed particle-mass expressions. They result in the customary elementary particles fundamental to our familiar concepts of matter. Relativity and QM are describing organized subsequent behavior patterns in space, which are implementing the original subquantum informational tendencies by their space-time manifested forms. Non-local and diachronic connectivity patterns are well documented both in the physics (Bell’s theorem) and the various “paranormal” phenomena, occurring beyond space-time constraints or other theoretical limitations. Organizing functions originating in, and evolving through the SQ realms, are the inner workings of the actually endless creation process. In this understanding, the brain is directly designed and constructed by direct and adaptive morphogenetic SQ information-field influences.

Our approach resides in an experimentally consistent blending of subquantum physics, Bohm’s implicate order (inherently antithetical to reductionism), and Information as prime source and fundamental stuff of both quantum theory and Einsteinian relativity. Quantum probability distributions are actually “non-physical Information” fields with non-local space-time properties. They operate in brain structures, as the brain is the result of highly complex morphogenic field interactions, which mediate between the Information domains and observable physical structures.

Our current scientific dogma has been intentionally misguided by devious and purposeful alterations, as done upon Maxwell’s original quaternions (Heaviside, Gibbs & Hertz), excluding the fifth dimension from the equations as related to electromagnetism. This resulted in 22 fundamental errors in the current EM (electromagnetic) theory. Einstein unwillingly perpetuated the chain of errors coming from the heavily mutilated variant of the Maxwell equations. Similar destructive mutilations have also been seen in chemistry, where Mendeleev’s original “Zero group” gases, with atomic weight values on the order of 10e^-8 have been completely excluded from the periodic chart. The existence of this trans-hydrogen group of gases has been experimentally demonstrated in N. Tesla’s explosive unidirectional electrical discharge experiments. These discharge parameters were approaching the ideal of the Dirac delta function, which resulted in the electron’s dissociation into its constituent aether sub particles, while displaying spectra with no known equivalents in the classical electro-luminiscent discharges.

As we shall see in the next entry, variations in aether flux density have been experimentally connected to biological and electrical transmutations of the atomic elements, variations in the rates of chemical interactions, variation in spring stiffness, variations in mechanical tolerances and elasticity, non-locally correlated variations in measured weight and inertia, information-correlated variations in the measured PH of remotely located substances,, and a vast array of additional and surprising physical effects, none of which may be attributed in any way as being due to Heisenberg uncertainty. Based on information fluxes operating in physical vacuum, a giant step towards dropping the incorrect views which causally ascribes cognitive phenomena to neural functions will be accomplished.

Using an advanced laser photon correlation spectrometer, Pr. P. Gariaev’s team (Univ. Lebedev, Moskow) having the opportunity to study the vacuum substructure on strictly quantitative grounds, proved the “phantom field’s” ability to couple with conventional electromagnetic fields. Such experiments led to a fundamental redefining of life as a dynamic exchange of energy and information between a physical system and its Information counterpart that escapes any space-time constraints. Moreover, the paradoxical “95% garbage DNA” in the genetic sequence, the “recombinant DNA”, has turned out to contain super-encoded potentials of Information. In Gariaev’s holographic soliton projection model, resonant non-linear Wave combinations result in standing-wave blueprints involved with the generation of matter, at scales ranging from “virtual particle” fields operating in the physical vacuum, to the formation of galactic clusters. Dimensionally encoded solitons may generate from these ambient fields, creating exact replicas of themselves in the cellular range, thus implementing Sheldrake’s (1982) morphogenic causal principles. Non-local information transfers circumventing biochemical chains, have been amply documented in quite recent explorations by Huping Hu & Maoxin Wu (2002). These results point to the inevitable conclusion that Quantum entities inside the brain may informationally interact with various external information sources. New types of non-local information connections explored are stronger than standard quantum correlations. According to J. Firmage’s experimental results, applying an asymmetrical charge distribution to the subquantum plenum results in Shoulder’s “exotic vacuum objects” charge variation gradient, reflecting an Information flux potential decoupled from any background of classical matter.

Another experimentally supported contribution to a more accurate understanding of the ways nature works comes from V. S. Grebennikov’s (1997) cavity structural effect. Ghost fields in residual “phantom locations” are amply documented in Grebennikov’s research data, strongly supporting ontologically autonomous behaviors of Information fields as disconnected from the matter/energy backgrounds. Informational causation is actively coupled to physical chains of determinism, as similarly reflected in Kaznacheyev’s “Mirror Cytopatogenic Effect” (1982) or Backster’s (2003) elusive “nonlocal death signals”.

So far so good …

But how the Information stored and transferred by SQ entities can reach the brain’s responsive quantum processes, thus guiding correlational neural network activity?

We consider a couple of ways, a direct and a mediated one.

The non-mediated possibility implies a hyper-dimensional extension of the neuron’s functions themselves, which request special features ascribed to its structure. Conformational and combinatorial structures at neural biomolecular level obey distribution orders far beyond their own structural codes. Extending the Rubner-Kleiber scaling computation laws, K. Togbey (2004) performed a fractal analysis of the relevant allometric exponents of brain, reaching a 4/5 law. This implies that a 5th dimensional function is present in resonant NN connectivity schemes. This finding relates brain’s Information coding abilities to the Golden Mean ratio, by equating EEG metrics to number of harmonics times 2ϕ. Wave packets, scaled in powers of the Golden Mean, exert a patterning action upon the time-lags separating neural firing events, over several orders of magnitude. Harmonic spectra below and above the brain’s fundamental 2ϕ frequency matrix, are involved. Neural networks operate according to powers of 2ϕ/2, efficiently using them for Fibonacci series related information coding, involving Hausdorff dimensions which are implementing the fractal distribution patterns of SQ information structures.

The second, mediated way, obviously requires an accurate understanding of the twilight-zone where local (material) structures interface with the non-local Information fields, thus performing an interdimensional coupling of both. We are at the very bridge between these different realms, overlapping both in some extent, the Zero-point energy band between structures that obey classical physical laws, and the ones below the Planck limit, far down to the Kolmogoroff scale and beyond toward the SQ infinitesimals. Sub-Planck behaviors, indetectable by standard instrumentation, affect in a deterministic way all our presently accessible observables by event-controlling information-based potentials which comprises the actual substance of the physical vacuum. Such SQ fluctuations in vacuum are the origination and control mechanisms of Quantum dynamics in classical energetic domain, via subtle energy bands able to transcend  the interdimensional gap by overlapping the ZPE barrier.

Let’s turn our attention now to this recently intensively explored domain of Subtle Energies (SE).

3. The subtle energy system

The  interposition of a wide array of subtle energy (SE) patterns between their vacuum-originated field sources and our currently instrumentable energy phenomena is well known from Easter philosophy esoteric trends. SE-mediated informational structures can act to determine the quantum activities of matter. The information-mediating activity of the SE fields toward the various structures of the biosystem is possible by topological correspondences established in high-density focal condensations of multi-layer SE effectors (chakras). A polarized apparently magnetic type of bioelectricity acts as a supersonic wave-guide traveling through biological systems, activating them into oscillatory patterns which are occurring in specific frequency bands, according to Information-controlled functional parameters Pre-quantum bioenergetic fluxes of this kind can be experimentally followed, as circulating along topologically-favored dissemination vectors that are free of any matter distribution constraints of the living system. The SE distribution network doesn’t follow anatomical organic maps of classical quantum activity. Brain is not in a favored position in this regard, as clearly reflected in bioenergy circulation maps which include the brain. It’s response capacity to Information impacting it is far beyond the range of any neural network biochemistries, the ones bioenergetically mediated included. Such wide spectrum capacity requires a well-defined mediation system, which most certainly the aetheric body of SE may supply.

Chakra condensations of first order SQ entities living below the Quantum level, holographically follow the vortex patterns starting in the Kolmogorov range (10^-58m), up to the scale of Kerr-Neumann Compton radius vortex and up to cosmic scales.

Figure 1 The Compton Radius Vortex – UPA. Source http://www.valdostamuseum.com/hamsmith/Sidharth.html

The CRV has been visualized and accurately described long ago by specially trained theosophists (A. Bessant, C. Leadbeater) by a kind of special “remote-viewing” into the microcosmos. They accurately described the (in their time unknown) Quarks, as two-constitutional triplets inside the proton. Moreover, they claimed that quarks themselves are made up of triplets of subquarks – described as vibratory and rotating special structures (“Ultimate physical atoms” – “UPA”s). UPAs are described as being made of ten non-touching closed curves (“whorls”). According to the chiral variant of this whorls, UPA’s may be distinguished as being of a positive or negative kind. Further on, Bessant and Leadbeater claimed to detect in each such whole seven coils (spirillae) winded around each other. These direct ES observations are strongly consistent with modern super-string concepts, which consider elementary particles as various harmonics of vibration of the strings embedded into the homogenous Hiegs field that fills the whole Universe. Exploring these scales of magnitude, a modern scientist wrote:

“In the modern terminology of fluid mechanics and particle physics, positive and negative UPAs are, respectively, “sources” and “sinks” of hypercolor gauge forces, i.e., respectively, positive and negative magnetic monopoles … one responsible for confinement of subquarks in quarks, the other responsible for confinements of quarks in baryons, like protons and neutrons”. Some force components flowing through UPAs create the strong force at the basis of all periodic table elements., the physical basis of Laszlo’s “multiverse”. (Phillips, 1999,p. 62).

UPA configurations inside an atomic nucleus may be impacted by external SE modulators, leading to changes in the SE flow distribution of a given substance, without any change in its chemical properties, since the total electrical charge of the nucleus stays unchanged. SE alters physical laws in many other different ways, modifying electricity, magnetism, gravity, time and nuclear processes. Of course, other factors are also involved in SE interactions with the physical world, according to the kind of Information encoded in each. In a perfect orchestration, SE affect radioactive decay rate, the bonding characteristic of water, generation of InfraRed pulsed energy pulsed and DC magnetic fields, scintillation of Lithium fluoride crystals and the banding of last beams. Moreover, human mind is able to imprint carious encoding patterns into the SE (amply documented in Y. Kronn’s spectacular experiments and applicative results).

Whatever the culture-specific name used for SE fields and fluxes (orgone, bioplasma, scalar waves, torsion fields, deltrons), they prove that subatomic particles originate in a multidimensional space. The effect of SE on beta-decay points to its ability to affect the weak force either directly or via quark-subquark interactions, thus being a credible candidate for a fifth force in the Universe.

Since millennia, the traditional Chinese medicine successfully maps and uses SE force flux vectors attributing to their primary bioenergetic functions on the biological distribution of anatomic components, the well-deserved definition as a third circulatory system (besides the blood and lymphatic ones). Nevertheless, concrete evidence for this system’s existence and operation emerged only from recent research protocols (mainly used by Kronn, 2022), which succeeded to clearly visualize SE tracks along Chi meridians and their activation relay, comprising special acupuncture points embedded in special tissue localizations of increased ultrasonic attenuation.

Figure 2 3-D image of acupoints found in tissue of enhanced elasticity. Source: Jones, J. P., & Young K. Bae, 2004

Moreover, by special instrumentation the quasi-physical reality of meridian transfer has been successfully documented and publicly displayed.

Figure 3 Successful electron-microscopic imaging of chi meridians. Source: https://www.quantum.yoga/articles-blog/2018/7/24/meditation-and-the-brain-tdgw9

The main focus of our interest is in addressing the way mind interacts with matter by means of SE, programming the SE to modulate physical energy variants according to deterministic factors of intentionality residing in non-local regimes.  Of course, aside the amount of SE, there are many interfering modulators of external origin involved in the mind/matter coupling. The specific impact of SE on electromagnetic processes is highly specific according to the Information encoded in them.

It has to be strongly emphasized that all subatomic particles originate in a multi-dimensional space, which allows physical expressions of non-physical sets of causal complexity.  As a third circulation system in the biologic structures, the SE signal mediation velocity to the brain experimentally proved to be far more efficient than the slow neural one. Flashing light into retinal receptors reaches the brain in 180—200 milliseconds, while stimulation of the BL67 acupoint results in a transmission time of only 0.8 milliseconds (200 times faster).

Experimental measurements found that external supply of electromagnetic waves of different frequencies may modulate the efficiency domain of SE variants (150 Hz to 300 Hz influenced physiological processes while the 300 Hz – 450 Hz affects mental activity; Higher frequency (450 Hz to 600 Hz had an emotional sequence of influences). A mental intent creates in the SE field a pattern that carries the Informational content of the thoughts. Yet properties of SE can’t be properly described by amplitude/frequency language used in EM energy theory. The non-local nature of the subtle energy field and its intrinsic connection with the human mind has been proved by Raman spectroscopy protocols. It has been also experimentally proved that there are specific connecting point between EM and SE variants. This has been displayed by Phillips’s analysis of the observations of sub-quarks following guidelines inspired from traditional theosophic knowledge.

The SQ/SE fields are beyond conventional physicality until their transduction into quasi-physical energy variants. They can anyway interact with classical field phenomena by energy interactions. According to W. A. Tiller (1993), such energy exchanges may occur through resonance effects, between EM and SE fields by “pure” magnetic vector potentials from the ZPF that display ordering ability of fundamental magnetic properties. Via quantum field interactions, SE dynamics may impact subatomic particle behavior. This points to magnetic vectors as physical attributes of non-physical SE fields.

The UPA as described by Bessant & Leadbeater is by now recognized as a polarized vortex of force lines replicated upon itself in order to allow a super-physical flux of force to flow through it. This flux was observed entering the UPA at its top and leaving it at its bottom, binding groups of UPA in structures of increasingly high complexity. The very low frequency of the non-physical force traversing the UPA corresponds to structures considered to be at 6 levels below the physical atom. Any increase of this frequency results in an increment in the spacing between these elementary entities, with tendency to link end-to-end forming quantum rope-like chain structures.

Figure 4 Intermingling of the ether diffusive flux vortices of individual nucleons. Source: LaViolette. P. A., The Cosmic Ether, 2011, p. 17

According to Tony Smith (2015), the vortical UPA structures behave as elementary fermion particles, formed by short range gravity Compton radius vortices. This is consistent with the D4-D5-E6 description of first generation fermions as octonion spin(8) half-spinors. Our 4D material universe becomes a perceptible reality only beyond the proton’s CRV, emerging from physical particles’ interface with the virtual, non-material realms at the level of zero-point energy fluctuations in vacuum. Thus, SE proves to be the universal connector of matter to its informational background. At the same time, SE is the “vital force” that makes the fundamental difference between inert matter and living structures. It is the concrete representation of the still elusive “dark matter” (and corresponding “dark energy”), which is supposed to permeate 96% of our Universe, thus confirming that we live in a sentient, most probably conscious infinite structure, in which creation, de-creation, properties and behavior of matter at all its scales of magnitude (from sub-quarks to galactic clusters) obey informational guidelines organized in the infinite layers of complexity in non-local and atemporal regimes.

Our mind/brain connectivity is granted by these super-implicated orders of local and non-local field interactions. Neural correlates of mental processes correspond to the most adequate integration way of our conscious (and sub-conscious) Self into its ambient ecologic demands, using quantum predictability systems. The psycho-neural junction is accomplished by the SE interfacing of the Self with neural network quantum activity.

As we shall see in the next entry, albeit still not directly accessible for detection with current technology, the unavoidable participating of the SE in the very structure of all the directory of elementary particles is mathematically proved by Prof. Dr. V. Neppe & E. Close (2020) in their ground-shaking new TDVP model.

4. Mathematical proof of the S.E.

No one can deny that physics as we know it is based on mathematical formulations, though transcending the current limits in physical descriptions we may need to reconsider this approach. Until such step would be performed, we already have a compelling mathematical evidence for the existence of SE as compulsory required for the stability of any chemical elements, especially the ones involved in life processes. This ground-braking proof has been offered by Prof. Dr. Vernon Neppe (2020) and his associate researcher, Prof. Edward Close (Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute, Seattle) – a research team that brought a most credible argumentation for refuting the prevailing atomic materialism from its very fundaments.

Their dramatic mathematical proofs for refuting the materialistic model of the atom’s structure addresses volumetric calculations that demonstrate a basic structural symmetry in the standard atomic model, that leads to insufficient stability of structures sustaining life processes.

Their first set of calculus prove that the numbers of the particles currently known can’t make up to an atom. Based on volumetric calculation of the cubes of the combined particles of life elements, the cube root of 3a^3 = 1442n is not an integer as would be required. This points to the lack of an additional essence in the atomic structure for satisfying this request.

In order to strengthen this argumentation, Neppe & Close extend their analytic approach by introducing in their calculus atomic mass equivalents, thus operating with volumetric equivalence units (Applying 1 for the electron and for the protons and neutrons converting it accordingly). The resultant cube root of these math operations is again not an integer as it should be (2315,13843 …). Therefore, it can’t be a solution for the Diophantin equation, as the Diophantine triplet is very imbalanced. These calculations searching for the missing link in the current atomic model apply quantized triadic rotational units of equivalence (“TRUE”).

Further on, the authors demonstrate that the mass/energy of up-quarks and down-quarks produces an instable inequality. In order to re-equilibrate this physical imbalance, the authors were constraint to introduce a new atomic component, “Gimmel”, which solves the requirements of the Diophantine equation beyond the Fermat’s Last Theorem. Without this additional elusive essence, all the life-sustaining elements would be instable. No Diophantine equations can work across the periodic table correctly without integrating “Gimmel” for integer cube root solutions.

“Therefore, these obvious empirically based mathematical solutions ostensibly refute the hypothesis of pure materialism. There simply must be something else besides the stable mass/energy particles of protons and neutrons and electrons, as there must be an integral volumetric solution, as quanta are by definitions integral and volumetric. This can only be achieved by adding a third substance.” (Neppe & Close, 2015, p. 21).

The only applicable particle that might satisfy the requirement for this third component would be the gluon, as the photon (stable) is not an atomic component. They nevertheless would provide but an ephemeral solution, as we can’t locate them.

The author of this paper (recognized contributor to the TDVP model) had repeated conversations with Prof. Neppe at various opportunities to meet him, regarding the ultimate nature of “Gimmel”. We considered a couple of alternatives: Is it a vehiculation media for eidetic Information, or the Information itself?

This theoretic debate is currently ongoing. Based on our subquantum concept (Klein-Boyd), the “Gimmel”, which is described in quantal domain, is conceivable in far higher scales of manifestation then pure Information bound and vehiculated by subquantum structures. At the same time, these sub-Plank configurations may certainly be stored and transferred by the third essence described by Neppe. Therefore, we are tempted to equivalate Gimmel with the SE widely analyzed in this paper.

Discussion & Conclusions

We tried to explore the way Information initiates, then guides, all the material processes linked to living structures – following the paths it uses to connect the nonlocal regime of manifestation to the matter/energy domain.

Our fundamental assumption requires recognizing the position of pure information fields operating in non-local, hyperdimensional spheres, as ontological primes. Pure eidetic information, couples to space-time constructs at a subquantum level, drawing into existence various complexity configurations corresponding to subquantum presets bearing the adequate Informational blueprints. Informational resonance effects are at the background of morphic fields that guide embryogenesis corresponding to the entity’s future tasks to accomplish during its lifetime, in a fine tuned orchestration of hyperdimensional modulators operating in increasingly high layers of atemporal causality chains.

We discussed the way subquantum information-charged determinants reach the sub-atomic worlds of matter via subtle energy mediation, thus impacting the quantum dynamics of mass-energy in a purposeful, deterministic process. Using for this purpose the sub-quark’s special vortex configuration as interdimensional bidirectional gateway between the non-local (subquantum) and local (quantum) dynamics, information fields with organizing potential are vehiculated between the ZPE fluctuations in vacuum and the quantum events of the brain (and the whole biophysical system). Actually, in this process brain is showed as having no preferential position. (Quasi)-intelligent behavior has been empirically detected in living entities completely devoid of neural structures (slam mold, plants etc). – pointing to the primacy of fast subtle-energy mediated informational structures vs. slow neural transmissions, which have, a late phylogenetic evolutionary appearance as a supplementary signal processing variant.

Prof. W. F. Bengston (president of the Society for Scientific Exploration) referring to the SE, seems to agree with our suggestion that the effect of various forms and variants of them depends  on the Information they store and transfer from non-local noetic fields to matter-modeling quantum processes.

“Is it possible that gastric cells already have more ‘‘energy’’ within the system to proliferate, and therefore under Johrei treatment more potential to change? Is it ‘‘energy’’ that is being passed to the cells, or ‘‘information’’? These are the kinds of questions for second-generation healing researchers to address, as well as the ancillary questions of the differential response of the same cell lines to different healing techniques.” (Bengston, 2012, p.1).

The SE guiding is a scale-invariant effect that applies to matter from subquarks to atoms, to molecules, to living biosystems up to cosmic galaxy clusters, as dark energy/matter is assumed to represent 70-95% of our universe.

Such interface between subtle/quantum energy regimes is activated by the homeostatic requirements operating across local and non-local domains. It is the way amino acids become signal polypeptides.

Prof. Mukhopadhyay emphasizes the fact that no classical energy variant accounts for the cellular protein folding (Mukhopadhyay et al., 2023). The living cell has the ability to interconvert subtle and dark energy based on informational options supplied at a higher level of organogram guiding. This assumption requires that living cells have access to the ZPE.

Uncertainty, energy and symmetry homeostasis failures lead to anxiety, depression, respective stress conditions at cell level, which may be reversed only through the ZPE interface interactions with Information-charged SE variants.

Survival of cells also requires restoration of broken symmetry conditions and local reversal of the entropy. Such energy-converting and up/down scaling operations, with patognomonic value in psychiatric terms, (stress, depression and anxiety), prove that hitherto dogmatically kept neurocentric models of consciousness have to be replaced by advanced holographic ones, which suggest an integral organismic origination and distribution of mental states at the level of Information-charged SE controlled cellular biology.

Life and Consciousness are injected to matter by the information gradients present in subtle energy fields, whose concrete structural importance in building stable subatomic structures has been mathematically proved by Prof. Neppe’s TDVP model of reality.

Kronn’s pioneering work in this field invites further more refined explorations, made possible in the increasingly growing post-materialistic framework in academic thinking. The urgently required paradigmatic shift in this direction will open unthinkable new horizons in the exploration of the fundamentally sentient, holographic Universe we are part of.


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