The Importance of the Rare Earths for the World Economy

Dobrescu, Emilian M. (2023), The Importance of the Rare Earths for the World Economy, Cunoașterea Științifică, 2:3, 62-68,   Abstract “Rare earth elements” (REE) is a frontier discipline between economics as a generic science and the economy of rare earth elements, which studies the production, the distribution and the circulation of the rare earths. On our planet, over a quarter of the new technologies involved in producing economic goods use REE, also known as critical minerals. In the near … Citeşte mai mult

The Role of the State in Labour Relations

Through this work, a brief analysis of the role of the state in labor relations was intended to be carried out. The state is not strictly speaking a single actor, but is composed of numerous different agencies, each with its own distinct goal and function. As a result, separating the political, economic, and judicial roles may be somewhat arbitrary. In reality, the state is more of an „open system” rather than a single or uniform party. The term „state” is an acceptable abbreviation to capture the interactions of all institutions and agencies that carry out the government’s will. It is important to understand that the state feels obliged to involve itself in labor relations through certain roles it holds, and to understand that it has an impact on the socio-economic aspect of a country.

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