Putinjugend: The Pro-Kremlin Youth Movement Nashi

This study investigates the dialectic between party politics and contentious street politics. a concept central to the personality of the youth organisation Nashi, also known as Putinjugend, which supports the Kremlin. Following the Colour Revolution, the movement was created in Russia in 2005, with the Putin administration’s support. As a result, the study is based on a theoretical framework that emphasises the growing significance of divided politics in forming Nashi’s worldview. Nashi’s responsibilities grew over time to include fostering youth involvement in party politics. They do, however, enjoy government support. Nashi’s continued participation in contentious politics in support of the Putin administration. In addition to the theoretical framework, the paper focuses on a case study: backing demonstrations in Moscow in December 2000, when Nashi declares its support for President Putin.

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