Cunoașterea Științifică, Volumul 2, Numărul 3, Septembrie 2023
Ipoteza hipercivilizațiilor

Farcaș, Dan D. (2023), Ipoteza hipercivilizațiilor, Cunoașterea Științifică, 2:2, 48-61,   The hypothesis of hypercivilizations Abstract The article presents the hypothesis of hypercivilizations as a possible explanation for several inexplicable phenomena, reported and examined by a large number of credible people. Among these are the Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (UAP/UFO), recently recognized by  the US Congress and government as real and unexplained. Some consequences for humanity if the hypothesis turns out to be true are also considered. Keywords: hypercivilizations, Unidentified … Citeşte mai mult

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