Revista Cunoașterea Științifică, Volumul 2, Numărul 1, Martie 2023
New Genesis?

Klein, Adrian (2022), New Genesis?, Cunoașterea Științifică, 2:1, 195-197,   Abstract Review: Prof (Dr.) A. K. Mukhopadhyay, The Source & The Genesis (in the Language of Science) – The Being? Becoming, and Creations, Prof. Muckhopadhyay’s comprehensive new exposure introduces in the academic circulation a revolutionary attempt to replace the mainstream dogma of the world’s creation, based on the increasingly (both theoretically and experimentally) disproved “Big Bang” assumption – by a less counter-intuitive and more accurate tenable concept. Keywords: Genesis Noua Geneză? Rezumat … Citeşte mai mult

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